Our Name a Roach Fundraiser is now closed

Our 2024 "Name a Roach" Valentine's Day Fundraiser has officially come to a close. We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you who participated and supported your Toronto Zoo this Valentine's Day.

If you have named a roach and have not yet received your certificate, please check your junk folder.

Thank you again for your support of the Toronto Zoo, and Happy Valentine's Day.

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Name a Roach

Name a Roach

If you're looking for an unforgettable way to express your love this Valentine's Day, look no further! Creep into the heart of your special someone by naming a cockroach in their honour, and you'll be sure to give them goosebumps.

What's included? 

🪳 A personalized digital certificate of adoption, featuring the adopters name and cockroach name* (will be sent to purchaser's email 1-5 business days after order is placed)

🪳 A digital fact sheet about your newly named love bug 

🪳 A charitable tax receipt for donor 

Order now to make this a Valentine's Day that will give them chills.

*Please note that if a first and last name is provided for your roach, only the first name will be included on the certificate

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Name a Roach Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Name a Roach Valentine’s Day fundraiser?

The Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy’s Name a Roach fundraiser is a playful and unconventional way to celebrate Valentine's Day while supporting your Toronto Zoo. It offers the unique chance to symbolically name a Toronto Zoo cockroach.

Unlike traditional Valentine's Day gifts, like flowers and chocolate, this is a truly unforgettable and unique gift with a twist of humor and an element of surprise.

The funds raised from the Name a Roach fundraiser support your Zoo's conservation efforts to save and protect endangered species.

How does naming a cockroach work?

By making a $25 donation to the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy’s Name a Roach fundraiser, you have the opportunity to symbolically name a Toronto Zoo cockroach.

You will select a unique and meaningful name for your roach. Whether it's a cute inside joke, or a heart-felt message to a loved-one, the choice is yours.

Digital certificates will be emailed to the purchaser within 1-5 business days after the order has been placed.

You will receive a personalized digital certificate of adoption, along with a digital fact sheet so you can learn more about your new love bug.

Following Valentine’s Day, on February 15, we'll share some of the most popular roach names and announce our fundraising total.

What is the purpose of the Name a Roach fundraiser?

Our Name a Roach fundraiser aims to raise funds for your Toronto Zoo's conservation programs and educational initiatives while offering a lighthearted and memorable Valentine's Day experience for our supporters.

The funds raised from the Name a Roach fundraiser support the Zoo's conservation efforts to save and protect endangered species.

How much does it cost to name a cockroach?

Naming a cockroach requires a donation of $25. However, if you would like to support our mission of inspiring giving to fight extinction even further, you can make an additional donation by visiting www.wildlifeconservancy.ca/donate

Can I name more than one cockroach?

Absolutely! You can name as many cockroaches as you wish, and each donation will help to support your Toronto Zoo.

Will I receive anything in return for my donation?

Yes! In exchange for your donation, you will receive a charitable tax receipt, along with a digital certificate with the name you've chosen for your cockroach. It's a fun keepsake to share with friends and loved ones.

Can I choose the name for my cockroach?

Yes, you have the creative freedom to choose a name for your cockroach. Just keep it fun and family-friendly since we'll be sharing some of the names publicly. Only first names will be displayed on the certificate. If a last name is provided, it will be omitted.

Please note that the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy reserves the right to request an alternate name, if the provided name is deemed inappropriate or offensive.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. A tax receipt will be emailed to you for your contribution.

How do I participate in the Name a Roach fundraiser?

To participate, simply visit tzwcadopt.ca.

Is there a deadline to Name a Roach?

We recommend making your donation and naming your cockroach well in advance of Valentine's Day to ensure your certificate is received in time for February 14.

In the event that our fundraiser experiences an unexpectedly high volume of orders, please note that we reserve the right to close the fundraiser early to ensure that orders do not exceed our capacity to fulfill all request promptly. We appreciate your understanding.

Can I visit the cockroach I named?

While you are certainly welcome to visit the cockroaches in the America’s pavilion on your next visit to the Zoo, please note that all roach names received through the Name a Roach fundraiser are symbolic, and are not assigned to a cockroach at the Zoo.

What is the fundraising goal?

While we don’t have a particular goal in mind, we would love to match or exceed last year’s total of $17,000 raised for the Toronto Zoo.

We respect all creatures - big and small!

The Toronto Zoo and the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy respect
all creatures – big and small. Cockroaches play a very integral ecological role
in their rainforest homes, by helping to decompose forest litter and animal
fecal matter and are, in turn, food for many other animals. Despite their
hair-raising reputation, cockroaches undeniably play a vital role in the
sustainability of plant and animal habitats.