Name an Endangered Blanding's Turtle Head-Start

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Don’t miss your chance to name this year's Blanding's turtle head-starts at the Toronto Zoo. These terrific little turtles will be released into the wild later this year as part of the Toronto Zoo's efforts to recover this threatened species. 

By naming a Toronto Zoo Blanding's turtle for $150, you will receive:

  • A personalized certificate of adoption featuring a photo of your adopted turtle, their new name, and the adopters name
  • A turtles of Ontario fact sheet
  • A turtle magnet 
  • A reptiles and amphibians of Ontario wall poster
  • Recipients name displayed as a Species Ambassador on our digital wall of recognition for one year
  • Full charitable tax receipt for donor

Plus, funds support the Toronto Zoo's efforts to save and protect endangered species, like the Blanding's Turtle, for future generations. 

*The Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy reserves the right to request an alternate name, if provided name is deemed to be inappropriate or offensive

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Why Adopt a Blanding's turtle?

Blanding's turtles are currently listed as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and are a provincially and nationally threatened species.

What is head-starting?

Your Toronto Zoo raises and reintroduces juvenile Blanding's turtles into wetlands of the Rouge National Urban Park to support local turtle populations.When baby Blanding’s turtles are first born they are soft and small – approximately the size of a loonie - making them an easy target for predators. The Toronto Zoo raises head-start turtles to be the size of a baked potato, at which point their shells are much harder and they are large enough to evade most predators, giving them the best chance at survival.

Your Toronto Zoo's Impact

Prior to the initiation of this program, Blanding’s turtles were facing almost imminent local extinction, with as few as six individuals remaining. This will be the tenth year these endangered turtles will be released into the wild, with approximately 50 turtles being released each year. This program is made possible by the Toronto Zoo Adopt a Pond Wetland Conservation Program, with financial support Parks Canada/Rouge National Urban Park, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) , the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks (MECP), and other valued project partners.

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